CBD Gold Edition Oil (Broad Spectrum) 10ml
CBD Gold Edition Oil (Broad Spectrum) 10ml
CBD Gold Edition Oil (Broad Spectrum) 10ml
CBD Gold Edition Oil (Broad Spectrum) 10ml
CBD Gold Edition Oil (Broad Spectrum) 10ml

CBD Gold Edition Oil (Broad Spectrum) 10ml

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CBD Gold Edition Oil (Broad Spectrum) 10ml


CBD Coconut MCT Oil in a 10ml bottle. Concentrated oil.
Our GOLD EDITION CBD is made from highly purified CBD Distillate, and a refracted Coconut MCT Oil.
Our Hemp oil is made from the finest Hemp flowers.
Using the latest CO2 Extraction method, converted into pure CBD paste. Then distilled to extract all Plant material, chlorophyll, and lipids, giving a highly pure CBD Distillate for maximum potency. This is then diluted to to specific potency's with a refracted coconut MCT Oil.
High quality, legal CBD hemp grown organically in the US without the use of pesticides.
Non GMO, 100% natural product.
Suitable for vegans.
Refracted Coconut MCT Oil, CBD Distillate (90% - 98% CBD), CBG, and CBC.

This is a high-grade food supplement.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the UK has set the maximum THC content of hemp at 0.02%. Therefore, any Hemp oil with higher THC than 0.02% is considered a controlled substance instead, and is therefore illegal under current UK law.

Our Products will always be below the limit of 0.02% THC.

5 stars based on 10 reviews
David Greene
from Coventry

Great CBD, Quick delivery service

Ordered the 6.25% CBD. Speedy delivery, and great tasting, very effective CBD oil.

Will be ordering again..Thanks.

from Blackwood, South Wales. UK.

Excellent quality and price, trusted service!

I wanted to write this review due to the various "companies" out there claiming to sell the very best product when they're actually misleading and selling low concentrate oil.

In Nature We Trust are by far NOT one of these companies...

They're genuinely passionate about the product in general, and extremely passionate and helpful woth that they do. Lab reports are easily available to see and read, no nonsense jargon with these guys!

I've used their CBD oils to help both myself and my beloved dog, and I'm very particular when it comes to what I give him.

I've used the oil to help with anxiety, imflammation and general aches/pains from injury. I also found I could get to sleep much easier and also achieve a better nights sleep both from helping with these ailments, but also as it's naturally relaxing.

I have used the oil for my dog to help calm his travel anxiety and its worked wonders! I guess it would also help dogs that are generally nervous or anxious or suffer with things like separation anxiety.

There guys are now my go to for a trusted, natural and alternative way of treating myself and my dog instead of a pharmaceutical option.

Thank you guys!

Deri logan
from Blackwood

Cbd oil

Fantasy product, helped anxiety and head a lovely calming effect that get through the day.

Highly recommended.

Adrian Davies

Excellent product!

Bought a few of the gold edition bottles over the last few months and it has done wonders for my aches in my joints. Also helped me sleep better and less anxious throughout the day.

Highly recommended buying from here if you are looking for a genuine and great product!

Louise Chambers
from Cardiff

Great Product and Service

I started using the oil for anxiety and approached Jon for advice. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his products and gives sound advice on dosage and the type of product which would be suitable.

I quickly realised it also stopped the daily ankle pain I was suffering with, taking me off all prescribed medications.

I no longer needed steroid injections and the consultant was happy with my decision. He could not recommend using CBD oil, but was pleased I had found the product and would support my decision.

After my ankle surgery I used these CBD oils alone, just increasing the dose to stop the pain and manage the inflammation, forgoing the morphine I was sent home with.

I would highly recommend these products and the great service from Jon.

Nerys James
from Bristol

Fantastic product & great customer service

I found this company online and wasn't too sure what strengths to use as CBD is very new to me. I contacted this company to find out a little more, and what would suite me best, as there so much information out there I get so confused.

After speaking to the gentleman on the phone he suggested I start off with a low strength of 625mg, and low dose to find out what sort of dosage I'd need to help me as i suffer with severe arthritis in my spine.

After a few days I started to feel so much better as the pain eased up, and it helped me get a good night sleep thats not been possible for as long as i can remember.

I really cant thank the gentleman enough for his time to speak with me (I do apologise as i forgot his name).

I will definitely be buying from this site again.

Thank you so much

from Newport

Better Breathing, brilliant product, fast delivery.

Glad I started taking CBD. I’ve had asthma since my early 30’s & always taken my inhalers which cause other problems like mouth ulcers, last year decided to purchase & try CBD so.... glad I did as for me it’s worked wonders 4 to 6 drops in the morning & I’m right all day & since taking it I’ve not needed any inhalers, it’s been nearly a year now & it’s money well spent. I would certainly recommend CBD . I also use CBD cream for skin problems instead of steroid cream which I also say give it a go.

Fiona Howe
from Ross on Wye

Excellent product

There are so many websites selling cbd oil now it is a trendy but this product is a 100% genuine, excellent quality, and really works! You will not be disappointed with the customer service , you will know exactly what you are buying , I can't recommend CBD Helps enough, truly a company you can trust .

Jane Mckenna
from Cardiff

Fantastic product. Highly recommended

I ordered some CBD because I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with everything that’s going on at the moment. I wasn't sleeping very well and that was affecting my performance in work where I was having trouble concentrating and experiencing ‘brain fog’ a lot.

The results were almost instant and although the same stressors are still there I feel much more capable of dealing with them. My sleep has improved and I feel much calmer in work. Thank you 😊

from Greenland

Excellent product

I am blown away by this CBD oil - I am a 65 year old female with various aches & pains also terrible anxiety & depression since the COVID19 lockdown - after a few days of using the oil I noticed a difference and now it’s been a month and I am reordering and recommending to family & friends who have seen a big difference in my physical and mental health

Jon was so helpful and phoned me personally to discuss my issues when I first ordered - delivery was quick & every question answered honestly and professionally

Had a hiccup trying to pay at first but he sorted it all out!!

Can recommend a million percent! Worth every penny!