FAQ's Find Answers to the Most Common Questions Can CBD get you high? The short answer to the question, “Can CBD get you high?” is no, it can’t. The reason for this is that the process of extracting CBD oil is unlikely to produce oil with high levels THC, and CBD on its own doesn’t get you high. Is CBD Hemp Oil legal? CBD is legal in the UK as a food supplement. CBD products that are produced using Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) can be legally sold as food supplements. Will taking CBD affect me while I am taking medications? Unfortunately, we cannot give out medical advice. The best information we can give would be to consult your doctor, or a medical professional before taking any new supplements.  How do I take it? CBD oil is taken by simply placing a couple of drops under the tongue with the dropper and holding for 2 minutes before swallowing. This ensures that the cannabinoids can be absorbed by the mucus glands much quicker than it would if swallowed and absorbed through the stomach.  What's the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD extract? Good question! Less reputable companies sell hemp seed oil claiming it is CBD oil, so it's important to know the difference.  Hemp seed oil is made by pressing raw hemp seeds and collecting the liquid oil that is expelled. It is a good supplement and cooking additive. It does not have concentrated cannabinoids or terpenes.  CBD extract is made by extraction of the hemp plant. This concentrates the active cannabinoids and terpenes to very high percentages, resulting in the CBD oil we add to our products.